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Friday, August 27th, 2010

Is this the way of the future? This is The William Stovetop. It’s still only a concept at this stage…

I sure hope so.

How awesome would that be?

Will I Really Love Cooking With Bessemer?

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

Bessemer so I’m told is very big amongst a lot of ethnic communities in Australia. The cookware that first became available in the 60′s & 70′s is still just as popular then as it is now. And I’ve only JUST discovered it.

I have been recently obsessed with SBS’s Food Safari with Maeve O’Meara and so many homes seemed to cook with Bessemer. I recently found out that my lovely Turkish friend who is an absolute Kitchen Goddess also cooks with it and says a lot of Turkish, Greek, Lebanese, Italian families use Bessemer.

So then I went to the Bessemer website, and started to drool over the possibilities. Then my lovely Turkish friend lent me her Orange 5 ltr 28 cm Bessemer Dutch Oven (from the Margaret Fulton Collection of course!) so that I could have a play and see if it’s something I’d like to add to my already HUGE collection of Kitchen things. Here is a similar design shown in Ebony.

I’ve watched a few of the You Tube videos and I have to say the Bessemer stove top Pizza really scared me that it could be that tasty and that simple.

If you’ve never heard of Bessemer let me explain to you some of their pro’s.

  • The Oven effect – Because of the Materials used, the shape and the steam vents it can become a stovetop oven, but it will cook at often 2/3 of the time and uses less electricity and doesn’t heat up the house (for those in hot climates).
  • They have a really good warranty and if you do damage the inner coating you can pay for it to be re-sprayed rather than purchasing a new piece of cookware. Which is why there are some people who have 30 – 40 year old pieces of Bessemer that is still functional!

So tonight I’m going to attempt to make a risotto in the on-loan Bessemer and figure out if I need to take a trip to the factory outlet.

But I’d love to hear from people who have either been brought up with Bessemer or cook with it now themselves. What sort of things do you use your Bessemer for? What would you say is a Bessemer must have? Or did you absolutely hate it and think it was a complete waste of money?

Will I really love cooking with…

I know it’s the middle of winter… however…

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

I want one of these!!!!!! It’s a Zoku Quick Pop Maker.

I was reading Slashfood this morning and this funky little doodad popped up.

My kids always ask for homemade icypoles in the summer. And I usually have some TV personality to thank for the anguish that ensues. You know how it is, they’re watching a TV show and the host is making icypoles… then suddenly you are being roped into it. Not only that but at 4 years old they don’t quite get the concept that it takes at least 24 hours for them to set. So the next 24 hours is hell because every 5 seconds you get “Mum is it ready yet?” and then we end up having a massive meltdown because if they continually opening the freezer to check it will take even longer. THIS SOLVES THAT PROBLEM! I can hear the cheers!

So how does it work? Almost exactly the same as an ice cream churn. You keep the base in the freezer, then when you take it out you put their sticks into the slots and add your juice/yoghurt/ice cream mix/pureed fruit and it is ready in minutes, without needing to go back into the freezer (yes I know I sound like an infomercial but it’s TRUE!). You can do 6 icypoles each freeze (you keep the base in the freezer at all times so you can make icypoles when you like).

I’m so excited, and even though the idea of eating icypoles in the middle of winter makes me cringe I want to do it NOW! I haven’t been able to find an Aussie stockist yet so if you know of one PLEASE let me know.

I can hear Mr Neurotic crying now at the idea of me purchasing another kitchen gadget. But it’s sooooo cool (yes pun intended!).

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