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So you’d like to know a little more about Mrs Neurotic? As her husband, I can let you in on a few choice secrets she wouldn’t mind sharing.

She is a self-taught foodie, taking inspiration from a myriad of places – family, friends, public figures, recipe books, magazine clippings, and intuitive experimentation. Whatever it takes to bring that new spice of life into the mix.

She tends lovingly to her family, consisting of husband (that’s me! – acting sous-chef), 2 gorgeous kidlets (taste-testers), and a sooky cat.

We all enjoy the fruits of her domestic prowess, whether that be in the kitchen, or in the pearls of wisdom and insight she sprouts on occasion on various topics.

It has been suggested on several different occasions (and by different people) that she should start a basic parenting and domestic handbook. Hopefully this blog is a step in the right direction.

Isn’t he lovely? You can tell though food is the way to a man’s heart! – Mrs. N.