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We interrupt this program for a brief announcement.

I know this blog is mostly about lots of things and not to much on my personal life. But excuse me for a moment as I need to get this out.

I have done a handful of blog posts that will never be made public. But this one is for all of you.

It has been over a month now. In fact it’s been 1 month and 6 days since we lost our Lucy. It’s starting to feel real now. I think the shock is over, the denial has passed and now I’m left with raw emotion.

I will not air it for all see. I’m sorry but that’s just not me. Never has been, never will be. I am an open book and I am here for people to talk to. But I do not feel the need to air all that is mine for the sake of others just to appease them. I’ve learnt a lot about the human race in the past few weeks, and some of what I have seen has saddened and disappointed me a lot.

So I will be making tributes to Lucy on my blog on and off. I have a Lucy List. The things we were supposed to do, and never did. I will complete that list and I will share it with you. But for now back to normal programming…

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4 Responses to “We interrupt this program for a brief announcement.”

  1. Divvy says:

    I’d love to hear the Lucy List. Hugs honey.

  2. Lucy says:


    When will I stop expecting a mad email from her?

  3. I didn’t “meet” Lucy until she was gone. But I have heard so much about her. I look forward to reading the Lucy list.

  4. Bec says:

    I know I’m nearly a month late reading this but wow. Not wow…….just yes, I imagine you are feeling all this and more. And I feel it’s a good thing you don’t feel you have to share how you feel, I”m learning this can be dangerous and get you into all situations. As long as you and those you love are looking after you. And yes, I’d also love to see the Lucy List. xxx

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