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Tuesdays Tips #2 – Don’t Scrap it!

Ok so we all love saving money right? And we all love good food yeah? Well this weeks tip is combining both of these things to make some liquid gold.

What am I talking about? Stock. The base of any good dish. And if it’s a bad stock it’s not going to taste too great. And I don’t care what anyone says I can always taste when it’s come from a box or from powder.

Everyone has their own stock recipe, so I’ll save that for another post.

But my tip today is. Don’t throw away those scraps! No I haven’t gone mad. But if you’d use it in a stock then keep it. Those carrot skins and tips, the ends of onions, the green course ends of a leek. It’s all good stuff! I keep a large zip lock bag in the freezer and just wack it all in together. Then when I make my stock I dump the contents into the pot along with my bones and out comes an awesome stock!

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2 Responses to “Tuesdays Tips #2 – Don’t Scrap it!”

  1. Astrid says:

    Great idea, but we send our scraps to the chooks, well except the onion

  2. Lucy says:

    Andrew and I fight over scraps – I want them for my stock and he wants them for his compost.

    And sometimes I just am so bloody dizzy, I strain the whole liquid gold down the drain…..


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