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Honey Mustard Chicken Drumsticks

Who doesn’t love a good easy homemade marinade? We never buy the stuff in the jar for two reasons it’s expensive and when we do decide to marinade it’s generally a last minute decision so I want to know I can make an awesome marinade out of the ingredients I have in the cupboard. This is one of those recipes. It works great with any cut of chicken, we’ve done it with pieces, wings, breast and thigh. One day I’d love to do a whole chicken and see how it goes.

This is an old favourite in our house. We tend to do it in summer, but yesterday morning upon looking in my freezer I decided to use some drumsticks for last nights dinner and after all this dreary weather we’ve had lately I needed a little reminder of the warmer months. The recipe is tweaked slightly from a recipe from a Cookbook I have called “BBQ Food for Friends” By Jane Lawson and Vanessa Broadfoot. It’s a great book and if you don’t have it I highly recommend it!

Honey Mustard Chicken Drumsticks


2 kg Chicken Pieces w/bone or 1 kg of Boneless Chicken Pieces

1/2 Cup Honey

1 Tbsp Dijon Mustard

1 Tbsp Wholegrain Mustard

2 Tbsp Vegetable Oil (don’t use olive oil if using the BBQ but you can if baking)

2 Tbsp Tarragon Vinegar (if you don’t have Tarragon Vinegar then please substitute with White Wine Vinegar)

A good handful of Fresh Parsley Chopped (You can use dried if you don’t have fresh, about 2 Tbsps)

1 Tbsp minced garlic (or 3 cloves minced)


Whisk all the ingredients together and reserve a small amount of marinade for basting (about 1/3 cup).

Place the chicken and the marinade in a large zip lock bag. Refrigerate for at least 3 hours, but if you can overnight is best.

If you are cooking these on the BBQ please take note…I tend to cook them with the hood down, the outside burners on high and the burners directly above the chicken on low, and if I find they are getting too dark I’ll actually turn them off and use the indirect heat to cook them completely. They take about 20-30 minutes to completely cook through, just check the meat closest to the bone before serving. And please make sure you baste before turning as this really helps with the flavour and keeps the meat moist.

Like the book suggests we tend to serve this chicken with Spring Onion Mash, but I have also made these at a bbq and bite size thigh pieces go great in a salad. So really whatever you like to serve.

Now this photo isn’t mine. It’s from the aforementioned cookbook. I do have a photo, however, it seems somebody was a little overzealous with the bbq’ing process last night and even though they tasted awesome they weren’t very hmmm shall we say photogenic. Not unless you like the charred look. [Glares lovingly towards Mr Neurotic] I mean my camera is good, but not even photoshop is that good.

As for Marinades… I have quite a little recipe collection going so I’ll be sure to post more soon…

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2 Responses to “Honey Mustard Chicken Drumsticks”

  1. Lucy says:

    My three love a chicken on a stick, so I may do this for them one night this week. I can score chicken legs for a crazy $2 a kilo. Lovely.

  2. Mrs Neurotic says:

    And Lucy m’love if you don’t feel like BBQ’ing they go great in an oven too, about 190C for about 30 minutes, turning and basting half way through. Although my tip is I do it on a shallow tray with baking paper to prevent the sweet sticky marinade from burning itself to my cookware. I love recipes that don’t break the budget and drumsticks are cheap for sure!

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