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Monday Confessions: Eggplant hates me

So I’ve tried and tried over and over to cook eggplant dishes and they fail. Every. Time.

I’ve tried to cook grilled eggplant… ended up with charcoal eggplant.

I’ve tried to salt eggplant for baking… ended up with rubber eggplant.

I’ve tried making a pastitsio pie completely surrounded by eggplant… ended up with a big sloppy mess all over my counter when I tried to unveil my masterpiece from the springform tin. It completely collapsed. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. And even then with all that moisture I ended up with rubbery uncooked eggplant. It baked for an hour and a half… what the?!

Mr Neurotic is probably just as scared of Raw Eggplant in our fridge as I am. Although he has good reason to be afraid. Every single Eggplant incident in my house has ended with a Julie Powell (or should I say Amy Adams) style tantrum similar to the one shown in Julie & Julia. Be afraid… be very afraid.

The saddest part of this little story? I love eggplant. I love it soooo much. It is one of my favourite vegetables. I love baked eggplant, grilled eggplant. I love Moussaka and Baba Ganoush. There is also this amazing Japanese recipe that is a stuffed eggplant with some pork mince. Love, love, love it. But it is my arch nemesis in the kitchen.

Tonight is leftovers night, and I have admitted defeat. I am making a Moussaka from leftover Ragu in the freezer… it will be sans eggplant. It will be a potato Moussaka. (I will post a recipe today sometime!)

So what about you? Is there anything in your kitchen that you just can’t cook? Surely it can’t be bad as mine… I mean really eggplant? It’s a vegetable for goodness sake.

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One Response to “Monday Confessions: Eggplant hates me”

  1. Astrid says:

    Gosh tough one. I am a jack of all trades kind of person, so I can tend to cook most things to a reasonable level. Which means I am never brilliant, but also I don’t tend to get full on failures.

    Now I think of it, I suck at frying things. They tend to burn, fall apart or just undercook. Just seem to have trouble controlling the heat of the pan. I have awful trouble with pikelets. The middle tends to stay gooey. I cheat these days, as I cook them I pop them into the oven to finish off and stay warm.

    I have never tried cooking eggplant

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