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Emergency Brownie

Ok so everyone has heard about the infamous 5 minute (or 3 minute in some circles) Chocolate Mug Cake… Now I did try it and well I wasn’t overly impressed. That is until I found this recipe. Not only does this recipe taste like a perfectly fudge like brownie, but it is also Dairy Free (if you decide to use chocolate chips you can substitute) and egg free.

I found this recipe online, and am unsure who to give credit to as there are so many copies of this recipe out there so to whoever you are THANK YOU!

Ok this is the recipe and the method that I have adapted to give the best results:

1 Minute Mug Brownie


4 tablespoons Plain Flour

4 tablespoons Caster Sugar

2 tablespoons Cocoa (unsweetened)

2 tablespoons Water

2 tablespoons Vegetable Oil

A dash of salt

A pinch of Bicarb Soda

a handful of Chocolate Chips (optional)


In a mixing bowl or jug whisk together dry ingredients.

Add wet ingredients and combine to make sure there are no lumps. If you are going to add chocolate chips now is the time to do so. At this point it should look almost like playdough.

Get yourself a really wide teacup style mug or a wide ramekin. Try not to use a regular mug, you can but you will find it will be a bit more gooey at the bottom. And please whatever you do make sure your mug/ramekin is Microwave safe!

Pop the Mug/Ramekin Brownie into the microwave and cook for 1 minute on high.

Allow the Brownie to rest for at least 10 minutes maybe more. This allows the cake to cook more and densify (in a good way ;)).

Then top with either a scoop of ice cream or a nice pouring of cream. And this is the final result…

This recipe is my saviour. For those moments when you need a bit of comfort baking, but you’re either too sick, too tired or too emotional to contemplate baking. The other awesome thing about this recipe is that most people have these ingredients on hand all the time (well those of us that like to bake anyway). And one brownie shares perfectly between two hungry children for a warm afternoon snack.

***My apologies for the poor quality photography, unfortunately I only have my iPhone to work with at the moment.

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9 Responses to “Emergency Brownie”

  1. jo says:

    ohhh drool- must try

  2. Sarah says:

    Oh this one I definitely have to try :D

  3. Nelle says:

    SO good to hear that someone else went ‘meh’ at the cake in a mug! This sounds yum.

  4. Mrs Neurotic says:

    LOL Nelle, yes I was sorely disappointed with the mug cake. I was very excited to discover there are a whole heap of 1 minute dessert for one type recipes out there… I may have to work my way through them and post the winners!

  5. Astrid says:

    Another one here who was not impressed with the cake in a mug, reminded me too much of when microwaves first came out and everyone was into microwave cakes.

    I have all the ingredients for the brownie, just no choc chips, so mini m&m’s may have to do.

  6. Astrid says:

    Finally made it! It is evil chocolaty goodness.

  7. Mrs Neurotic says:

    WOOT! I am so glad. I was worried you’d made it and hated it! LOL!

  8. Trish says:

    oh so wicked it’s on my to do list …will let you know the outcome !

  9. jo says:

    i made. i tried. i scoffed. YUMM

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